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In some ways, hiring upper management employees is a completely different puzzle to solve than mid- or entry-level hires. Although the right person for the job varies by industry and company, there are still some common themes to use as guidelines when hiring upper management.


You can’t have a proper manager without leadership characteristics. Focus your attention on candidates that reflect the typical leadership qualities—exceptional communication skills, strategic-thinking abilities, and respect from and compatibility with their subordinates.


A manager sets the tone for the entire organization. You want someone that exudes integrity so that your team is encouraged to be trustworthy and ethical. Also, a leader with integrity warrants respect from those that report to him or her.


An understanding of industry dynamics and methods of success is key. The best part about hiring upper management is that the new hire doesn’t need training; they should already be well versed in the ways of managing an organization. Remember to pick an individual that brings some unique knowledge to the table; something that sets them apart from the rest.


A leader that is passionate about their role is not only more likely to achieve goals and success; they are also more able to encourage and motivate their team to participate and work towards those company goals.

There is no one solution to hiring upper management. Instead, it is important to take successful managerial characteristics into consideration and choose the best individual that can boost your organizational success.

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