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Employment personality tests are making a breakthrough in the hiring world. Here are some statistics that may help you make the decision to utilize employee personality tests.

Personality testing has become a $400 million industry and is growing at an 8 to 10 percent rate (Paul 2004).

While many organizations use employment personality tests for career development, about 22 percent use it to evaluate job candidates, according to the results of a 2014 survey of 344 Society for Human Resource Management members.

Forty percent of Fortune 100 companies indicated that their employment selection systems included some form of psychological testing.

Sizeable companies that are known to use employee personality tests for specific reasons include Wal-mart, Hewlett Packard, Target, and even the National Football League (Cullen, 2006; NFL, 2001; Camara & Merenda, 2000).

Other companies such as General Motors have used employee personality assessments to identify the personality types of their employees in order to aid co-workers and managers in their understanding and ability to work with other employees (Bradley & Hebert, 1997; Shuit, 2003).

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