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Today’s Human Resources staff are stretched beyond their traditional roles. Overseeing the current employee pool (onboarding, training, overseeing performance reviews, trouble-shooting) can cut into time to identify and interview new staff.

In fact, hiring staff has become more complex as more prospective employees offer different skillsets and experiences. A growing number of HR professionals bring specific skills needed to assemble new teams.

Human Resources is About Employee Assessments

Most employees and employers will agree that two game-changers appeared in Human Resources over the past couple of decades:

  1. The sheer amount of resumes shared by prospective employees on the web that have to be gathered and assessed.
  2. This emergence of strategic workforce planning to meet specific functions.

Which came first? It’s probably a chicken and egg question. What we do know is that HR data collection tools and strategic planning are both essential to identify and hire the right people for a team.

These developments have changed the hiring side of the HR industry from paper-sorters to data analyzers capable of making smarter hiring and training decisions. It’s also created specialists within the HR field who can capitalize on these in-demand skills.

Strategic Workforce Planning Strengthens Corporate Readiness and Productivity

Today’s HR professionals know that accurate employee assessments are critical for making smart hiring decisions. Strategic workforce planning can’t be done on the fly or in between creating and delivering employee training on company policies, privacy, security, and other topics.

Moreover, strategic workforce planning requires a lot of careful steps. It means making sure potential employees fit the corporate environment and vice-versa. This means assessing personal characteristics along with skillsets. Once hired, proper planning ensures new employees are onboarded and oriented, factors that rate high on employee satisfaction and contribute to lower turnover.

Talexes is an HR-focused firm that delivers these strategic hiring services to corporations. It matches companies with professionals who bring the HR and consulting skills that work for their particular business and industry. In today’s business environment, this means spreading a wider net to work with smaller, entrepreneurial firms that have very specific employee requirements. A bad hiring decision could potentially sink this type of company.

Talexes is dedicated to helping employers create the best work environments for qualified employees they need to keep their businesses moving forward. It goes beyond recruiting to careful examination of the talents and disposition of potential employees. Talexes’ solutions include:

  • TalassureMX, the flagship employee assessment tool that takes a step further by focusing on management teams and higher-level employees. It delivers indepth coaching reports that emphasize employee interests to keep them engaged throughout their tenure with a company.
  • TalassureM is an assessment tool for mid-level employees that includes four personality characteristics, reasoning and compares job patterns to job matches.
  • TalassureQ is designed to assess entry-level employees. It’s priced for quick (<30 minute) screens that examine their personalities, reasoning, cognitive skills, and honesty levels.

Get Services That Eliminate the Hiring Guess Game

Talexes created these tools to end the hiring guessing game too many companies find themselves in. It provides these tools to its team HR and consulting professionals, who work with clients whose industries or specific needs they understand. It’s taken employee assessments and strategic workforce planning to new levels that deliver more precise results.

Whether it’s creating a team to manage a new product or to join a growing start-up, Talexes puts an end to the employee hiring guessing game. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can create your next one.