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The Human Resources profession has gone through quite an evolution. Once a small department with a few staff in mid-size and large companies, it’s now a full-fledged industry with loads of opportunity for practitioners.

Two HR skills are in particular demand in companies of all sizes:

  • Conducting employee assessments
  • Supporting strategic workforce planning

HR professionals with these highly valued skills are in a great position to leverage them through their own businesses.

Partnering Your Employee Assessment and Strategic Planning Skills

Conducting accurate employee assessments is a critical role for anyone charged with creating a workforce or team. The reputations of HR professionals and business development consultants lie within their abilities to match employees to employers.

This is also essential for strategic workforce planning. Businesses need to hire the right people at the right time to stay on course.

The Talexes Alliance Partnership links well-qualified business consultants and HR professionals to companies that need their services. Some may have no internal HR staff, while others contract out specific work such as employee assessments, strategic planning, and specific training.

In many cases, current HR staff are stretched enough with existing responsibilities, or don’t have a particular skillset the company needs. But you might!

As a Talexes Alliance Partner, you’ll have access to strategic tools.

  • The flagship TalassureMX tool is geared for higher-level employees that delivers coaching reports focused on employee interests and offers insights into how to keep them invested and engaged at work.
  • The TalassureM assessment tool was created for mid-level employees. It looks at four personality characteristics, reasoning and examines compatibility from each prospect’s job history to available jobs.
  • The TalassureQ assesses entry-level applicants for personality, reasoning, cognitive skills, and honesty. It’s priced to take little time (<30 minutes) per screen.

A Little Self-Employment is a Good Thing

Even if you’re happy with your current job situation, consider the benefits of a side consultancy:

  • An additional income stream
  • More opportunities to use underutilized skills
  • Fallback work; layoffs are a reality

As a Talexes Alliance Partner, you set your own hours. You work with as many companies as you like; there are no quotas. We’ll provide training and collateral support. We don’t take royalties but do require a nominal investment.

Contact us today to learn more about joining the Talexes Alliance Partners team!