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Team building is an essential activity to implement regularly in the workplace. The Houston Chronicle’s Small Business blog states that there are 4 major benefits of team building activities:

  • Increasing collaboration
  • Easing conflicts
  • Cultivating effective communication
  • Building trust

It is clear that your team will benefit greatly from some effective team building exercises. Now you just need some ideas for how to build highly effective teams.

  1. Set clear production result goals. Be sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  2. Define a system for clear and consistent communication between team members. Choose a communication method that works best for your team—emails, newsletters, meetings, etc.
  3. Set up recruiting, training, organizing, and replacing procedures. The more preparedness and organization you display, the more your team members will recognize their value in the group and perform accordingly.
  4. Keep in contact with each team member—or designate an individual or group to do so if you have a larger company. A direct invitation for joining the team is more inviting than a faceless email.
  5. Set clear objectives for your performance management methods. Employee assessments are a great way to keep tabs on your team members’ compatibility with their roles.
  6. Allow team members to be part of the decisions and problem solving.
  7. Regularly monitor and support team members’ processes towards achieving goals.

Effective team building requires more than just putting the team together. It requires some TLC and routine team building activities to keep it sharp and effective.

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