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Talexes hosts research event at Texas State University to garner additional data on millennial workforce traits.

Waco, TX ([February 17, 2016) – Talexes (www.talexes.com), a provider of talent management solutions, is continuing its quest to help companies re-tool for the millennial generation by hosting a unique, break-through event at Texas State University.

The supplemental research event held on Saturday, February 6th at Texas State University provided Talexes with the opportunity to administer their assessments to a wide segment of the millennial population. Through the extraordinary success of the event, Talexes has acquired invaluable understanding about the abilities and behaviors that make millennials tick.

The study, conducted over several days on the Texas State campus and nearby locations, compiles various research elements to provide insight into the motivations that drive the decisions millennials make. After administering assessments to Texas State students of varying areas of study and diverse demographics, Talexes possesses additional research results that provide companies the edge they need to appropriately select their millennial candidates. This information continues to position the Talexes workforce assessments as the tool to change the way businesses communicate with their millennial candidates, as well as more effectively managing those that already reside within their organization.

“Throughout the history of the professional assessment industry, ample focus has been placed on targeting the experienced sector of the workforce, steering research efforts toward aging workers who have often been employed with the same company for several years,” said Joseph Kistner, Founder & CEO of Talexes. “Unfortunately, emphasis on the accumulation of information regarding the workforce of tomorrow – the millennials – has fallen short, and companies are suffering because of it.”

“The purpose of this research is to help companies who recognize that their workforce is in transition, and that millennials are at the forefront of that change,” continued Kistner.

Millennials now comprise 34% of the workforce, and given that this number is projected to grow exponentially over the course of the next few years, the lack of applicable data into the behaviors and preferences that guide their employment choices puts companies at a distinct disadvantage. With the average millennial less focused on the long term, companies need leverage in order to retain millennial employees and reduce the cost of training new hires.

To learn more about the Talexes and the company’s commitment to learning more about the millennial workforce, visit the new website at www.talexes.com.

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Headquartered in Waco, Texas, Talexes provides workforce assessments for upper-level, mid-level, and entry-level employees. The company’s Talassure assessment products enable business leaders and human resources professionals to attract, onboard, engage, and retain their most valuable talent. In addition to job matching and job fit capabilities, Talassure helps organizations identify and empower high potentials, engage in succession planning, and improve leadership development activities. Talexes delivers these solutions through its Alliance Partners, a nationwide network of talent solutions professionals.