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In my experience, hiring situations are little more than nightmares (and as a college student, I’ve had more than my share of interviews)—sitting in a waiting room with ten other students who are equally, if not more, qualified, wondering how to get the manager to choose me instead. But it turns out, while we’re sitting outside waiting for our turn, the manager or hiring staff are dealing with their own catalogue of struggles behind the scenes. Take a peek into how the other side of the desk operates—whether it’s to satiate your own curiosity, or to get tips for your own hiring practices—with our “Top Hiring Mistakes and Solutions, Part 1.”

Hiring Mistake: Making a hiring decision based solely on the interview. Don’t be mistaken; the interviews are definitely important. But they are only one factor of an effective hiring process. According to an article by TLNT.com, the most effective success predictors are testing scores at 53 percent, a temporary job assignment at 44%, and a reference check at 26 percent. Solution: If you’re making hiring decisions, make sure you consider these other factors before you let yourself be sold by a persuasive interview.

Hiring Mistake: Biased hiring. Family members, friends, work-related connections—these all have the potential to cause bias. Although personal grievances or connections should not be the basis of any hiring decisions, it is proven that many interviewers “view candidates in terms of whether or not they like them, as opposed to matching their strengths with the responsibilities of the position.” Solution: Here’s another chance to focus on the other factors (testing scores, reference check, etc.) to help you make a decision. Viewing raw scores or seeing the candidates’ qualifications will allow you to remain more unbiased than if you were seeing the candidate face-to-face and experiencing what you may find to be a grating personality—another factor that you should avoid using when making your decision.

The list could go on and on, which is why we made it into a two-part topic. For now, consider this advice and plan for your next interview. Don’t worry, part two isn’t far behind! Check out some of our other blogs for more info on hiring, talent management, and much more!

Do you have any interview tips or suggestions for a smooth interview? Share with us in the comments!