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First impressions are crucial for new employees. A recent Equifax study showed that forty percent of employees that left their job voluntarily did so within the first six months of starting their job, and 16 percent left within the first 12 months. Training your new employees is an ideal way to leave a good first impression. Providing training for new employees helps them adjust to your organization so they can be comfortable and productive rather than uncomfortable and on their way out the door. Here are some tactics for training new employees.

Before you Begin

Be sure to stay up-to-speed on what your employee training process entails. Are your expectations of the new hire clearly displayed in the training process? Is your employee training process streamlined and straightforward? Ask another employee and see what they think if they were in the new hire’s shoes.

New Hire Training Begins

Once the new employee has arrived, it’s time to implement your tactics for training them. There are 4 things to think about:

  1. Play tour guide. It’s pretty standard to give a new employee a tour on their first day, but make sure you don’t leave out the little things, like where the coffee machine or the spare printer paper is located.
  2. Provide resources. Put together lists of anything about your organization that this new hire needs to know—if they’re an accountant, give them a list of yearly expenses, etc.—as well as anything that will help them with their day-to-day responsibilities, like any templates or guidebooks.
  3. Make connections. As important as it is to meet your coworkers, no one likes to be overwhelmed with too many new faces in one day. Give your new employee a list of people most relevant to their own role and have them meet those people first. Then your new hire can meet the rest of the office at their own comfortable pace.
  4. Be available. Any new hire that is actually putting in effort is bound to come back with questions; be accessible to them and willing to answer their questions.

Don’t forget to request consistent feedback on how your new employee is adjusting, even after the employee training is over.

With the proper steps in place, training your new employees can lead to effectively acclimating your new hires.

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