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We already know that only 34 percent of U.S. workers feel engaged at work, and that employee engagement is believed to be important by at least 85 percent of business leaders. If you haven’t read it already, our previous blog post, Strategies for Enhancing Employee Engagement: Part 1, goes into these statistics and more in detail. It also covered three highly effective employee engagement strategies. But there’s more where that came from: here are 3 more strategies for enhancing employee engagement.

Listen closely to your employees.

“We give more to those places where we feel our voice matters,” says Brad Shuck, an organizational development specialist at the University of Louisville. Not only does a pattern of good listening skills make people feel valued, it also helps an organization pinpoint and address any concerns or problems that may come up in an employee’s day-to-day. Employee feedback provides company leaders with a problem, as well as ideas for solving it.

Encourage sociability among employees.

People work better in a room of colleagues than they do a room of strangers. Not only do employees need to care about what they’re doing, they also need to care about who they’re doing it with. Whether your approach is an open-setting workroom layout or HR sponsored bonding events, getting your employees together is necessary for effective, engaged work.

Recognize everyone proudly and equally.

The fact that rewards and recognition spark employee engagement is no secret. However, when you recognize an employee for an accomplishment, don’t forget to acknowledge how that accomplishment contributes to the organization; that way your employees know exactly how important they are within the organization.

Employee engagement is an aspect of the workplace that cannot be ignored. On the bright side, there are numerous ways for it to be optimized. With the strategies from Part 1 and Part 2 of this list, you can be sure your employees are excited, engaged, and effective in your organization.

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