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Recent Gallup data shows that only about 34 percent of U.S. workers, and 13 percent worldwide, claim they are engaged at work. And employee engagement goes much farther than just smiles in the workplace—organizations with strong employee engagement generate revenue growth at a rate of 2.5 times higher than companies with lower employee engagement levels. That’s probably why 85 percent of business leaders globally believe engagement is important. Here are some strategies for enhancing employee engagement in your organization.

Provide the right tools for the job.

This process of “enabling infrastructure,” as Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report refers to it, is listed globally as the top driver of engagement. This includes any tools or processes your team must implement in order to successfully complete their required tasks. Lacking these tools and processes acts as a barrier between an employee and their engagement.

Give individual attention based on each employee’s needs.

Which of your employees like to be recognized in weekly meetings? Which employees prefer group work over individual assignments? Which of your employees can you look to for a leadership role on an assignment? These are all vital pieces of information to know about your team. An ideal way to obtain all this information is with employee assessments. Talexes’ employee assessments allow you to obtain this information for everyone in your organization, from entry-level workers to leadership roles. The TalassureQ evaluates your entry-level workers, TalassureM evaluates your mid-level workforce, and TalassureMX evaluates your management and leadership workforce. Find out what your employees respond to with employee assessments, and give them the attention they prefer.

Training and coaching opportunities go a long way.

Organizational development specialist Brad Shuck of the University of Louisville says, “the more the employee eels the company is investing in their future, the higher the level of engagement.” Both in-office and out-of-office training and coaching opportunities are great ways to show your team that the organization is invested in their future.

The amount of employee engagement strategies is so extensive that the list could go on for miles. With that said, we’re going to split our long list into two pieces. Look out for Strategies for Enhancing Employee Engagement: Part 2 on our blog!

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