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Every successful project has a blueprint—workforce planning is the blueprint for a successful organization. A major component of workforce planning is setting goals. But sometimes we overestimate or underestimate ourselves, making it difficult to set attainable goals. Here are 5 ways to set effective team goals so you can get down the road on your workforce planning procedures.

  1. Start with individual team members. Team goals are more easily established when individual members have their own personal goals that can be woven into the big-picture goal.
  2. Keep your goals reasonable. Out-of-range goals will only discourage your team; goals should be set relative to your team’s abilities.
  3. Promote support and productivity in the workplace. Open discussion and resource sharing are two examples of support and productivity. Also, more precise instruction helps your team move forward. “Let’s have this finished by Wednesday” is much more motivating than “Do your best.”
  4. Give your team something to shoot for. Of course their focus is the goal itself, but what motivates them to complete that goal? Small reward systems help remind team mates that the sooner one task is finished, the sooner the next can be finished.
  5. Track team productivity and provide feedback. A team can’t be managed if its capabilities haven’t been measured. Not only will this help you pick out who needs extra help, but it will also give your team a sense of acknowledgement and appreciation—two factors that boost productivity.

Setting conceivable goals for workforce planning can often be challenging. Keep these 5 tips in mind the next time your team sets an objective.