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Sales are the lifeblood of an organization. If sales performance is suffering, the entire business struggles. That’s why it’s important to take certain steps to manage sales performance and set your sales team up for success. Check out these sales performance management methods to manage your sales team effectively:

Be a leader that inspires top sales performance.

A recent survey revealed that underperforming sales reps were more likely to value product knowledge and industry expertise most in their leaders, while top performers ranked practical experience and sales intuition highest. Invest in your own education to ensure you can provide these characteristics to your sales team to optimize their performance.

Create an environment of excellence.

Although it may be tempting and easy to make excuses for sales reps that are underperforming, it is more effective in the long run to hold them accountable. Studies consistently find that successful salespeople feel happy, supported, and positively reinforced. Making excuses for underperformers will make those who are succeeding feel like their efforts are in vain.

Establish support processes.

A recent study found that high performing sales reps claimed their sales processes were structured and monitored, while underperformers claimed the opposite. Establish a support process that caters to your team as practically as possible.

Sales performance management can be a delicate art that takes time and constant attention. But it’s worth it to foster a successful sales team.

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