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If you haven’t already, check out Part I of our sales motivation tips. We have even more tips to add to the list, courtesy of fitsmallbusiness.com. Continue reading for Sales Motivation Tips –Part II.

  1. Share the Ask 3 Sales Strategy with your sales team: (1) What are you going to CLOSE today? (2) What are you going to make PROGRESS on today? (3) What are you going to FIND today? Encourage your sales team to take action towards these 3 steps every day. Success starts when your actions become greater than your excuses.

-Mike Rodriguez, Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author

  1. Try to revive lost deals. Those prospects that never committed were interested at one point—maybe the timing is better now. Try to pursue them once more, maybe with a new strategy this time.

-Sean Burke, KiteDesk

  1. Cultivate a sense of purpose through team-building or employee engagement activities in order to help sales reps continue to perform at their best.

-Christopher J. Croner, SalesDrive LLC

  1. Educate your sales team. Salespeople not only need to be able to educate customers on the products and market, they also need to be able to talk to customers that are already informed. A salesman who doesn’t know their stuff isn’t likely to get very far—make sure the sales team is properly equipped with the knowledge and know-how necessary for sales success.

-Kevin Cundiff, Fortegra

  1. Sales isn’t about selling—it’s about helping people. If your purpose in sales is to sell and reap the benefits of the profit, you might want to rethink the way you think about sales. It should be about understanding what your customers need or want, and fulfilling those needs and wants.

-Michael Mehlberg, Modern da Vinci

  1. In order to be interesting, you must be interested. The more interested you are in what you have to offer, the more interesting you will come across to those looking to buy.

-Bob Bailey, Truth Collective LLC

Even the best salespeople need a little sales motivation every once in a while. Try adding some of these business professionals’ ideas to your own sales motivation tactics. To learn more about sales performance management, contact Talexes today.