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Sometimes even the best salesmen need a little sales motivation. Whether they are making sufficient sales or not, every salesperson could use some tips for improving sales.

Fit Small Business, a company that provides knowledge and guidance to small businesses, got business professionals to share their sales motivation tips, and now we’re passing them on to you. Here is part one’s list of tips for improving sales motivation in your workforce.

  1. Invest in the right tools. Combing through leads, making more connections, and thereby making more sales, is a process that can easily be streamlined with the right tools. At Talexes, we use—and recommend—Indeed.com. It’s effective, easy to use, and within even small organizations’ budgets. Your sales reps will feel valued and supported if their organization provides them with tools that expedite the lead pulling process.

-Mike Scher, Frontline Selling

  1. Small competitions among staff members helps sales reps prepare for the competition of the sales world. Also, games such as chess help people understand the opponent’s thinking process—a skillset that transfers well when dealing with the thinking process of a potential buyer.

-Molly Champion, TeliApp

  1. “The days of hard selling and pushy sales tactics are gone.” Today’s clients are more responsive to a consultative approach rather than a sales one. Facts, tips, and useful information that will help the buyer will go farther than a pushy sale.

-Jared Weitz, United Capital Source

  1. Positive motivational reminders of how and when to achieve monthly goals are a great way to start the sales week off on a positive note.

-Meny Hoffman, Ptex Group

  1. Patience is a virtue—and a very valuable one in sales. Reaching out to a possible buyer may not yield results right away. It’s important to keep nurturing your leads, because those prospects could come back weeks or months later ready to make a deal. It’s a matter of waiting until they are ready.

-AJ Saleem, Suprex Private Tutoring

  1. Don’t forget that your company’s continued profit depends on your customers. They shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought; they should be a main thought.

-Roberta Perry, Scrubz Body Scrub

We have so much sales motivation info to share, we can’t fit it all in one article! Stay tuned for Sales Motivation Tips –Part II for more sales motivation tips. To learn more about sales performance management, contact Talexes today.