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Like a well-tuned vehicle, an effective employee retention strategy requires regular checkups and maintenance. If your employee retention strategy seems worn out, don’t be discouraged—a minor tune-up may be all you need. Keep your employee retention strategy running smoothly with these 3 checklist items, courtesy of Business News Daily.

Be sure your strategy agrees with these 3 points:

  1. Focuses on career paths

Although it may seem that money is the main incentive for employees to perform, research has proven that opportunities for growth and development are more influential. When your retention strategy is more customized towards individuals’ career paths, your employees will be more engaged and perform as such because they believe their employer is committed to their eventual success.

  1. Provides work-life balance

A recent study from Randstad U.S. states that a reasonable work-life balance was the number one motivator for employees to stay in their current role (the survey included members of the workforce aged 18 to 65). The upcoming as well as the current workforce highly value having time and relationships outside of the office. Sharing that value with them will be appreciated and returned with improved engagement from your employees.

  1. Includes effective online candidate searching methods

By now, your organization most likely has a team member or two that knows how to navigate their way through social media platforms. Almost all of them are beneficial; however, research shows that Facebook is used by 70 percent of workers to find new jobs. Make sure at least one of your millennial employees routinely browses Facebook and similar sites to get the right employees that connect with your retention strategy.

If your employee retention strategy is seeming a little lack-luster, ramp it back up with these three approaches.