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We are nearly 2 decades into the 21st century. The newest generation in the workforce was raised with a smartphone in hand. If your recruitment strategies don’t include and focus on mobile and online recruiting, it may be time for an update. With all these technological updates, today’s job seekers have different expectations and often use their mobile device or the web to look for:

  • Instant updates about new jobs
  • Immediate feedback for their job applications
  • Recruiting videos to watch
  • Engaging, interactive content from employers

Online platforms allow for plenty of creative recruiting tactics. Tech-friendly recruiting strategies give way to efficient and effective hires, and are easy to implement. Here are some ideas for tech-friendly recruiting strategies that could work for you:

  • Non-traditional media: A video or podcast goes a lot farther than a written job description on a job search site.
  • Publicize referral incentives: It takes seconds for someone to praise your company online; giving them an incentive to do so practically guarantees that you’ll get some referral publicity.
  • Advertise in your ideal candidate’s favorite area: If you’re looking for part-time high school workers, advertising near their school ensures they’ll see your brand on a daily basis.
  • Attend events and forums that aren’t job fairs: There’s nothing wrong with promoting your brand at public events; some events will attract job seekers that may not be present at a job fair.
  • Use self-selection: After receiving a resume, invite the candidate to an optional open house-type event before scheduling an interview. If they can’t be bothered to come by, then you shouldn’t be bothered to waste your time interviewing them.

Technology is a wonderful tool that can be taken advantage of in order to promote your brand and recruit the best. Keep these recruitment strategies in mind when you’re looking for new candidates.