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If your HR operations are seeming a little lackluster, it could be time to reevaluate common practices. A Bersin study evaluated and produced a list of best HR practices so you can work on rebuilding your flaky HR operations. Starting from the smallest to the largest impact on the organization, here are the top 10 most rewarding practices for your HR department.

  1. Outsourcing HR services strategically – 10 percent impact
  2. Improving line manager capabilities – 10 percent impact
  3. Developing internal HR skills – 13 percent impact
  4. Measuring both HR operations and business metrics – 19 percent impact
  5. Improving employee-facing HR systems – 19 percent impact
  6. Implementing flexible HR organization design – 20 percent impact
  7. Reducing administrative work for HR business partners – 25 percent impact
  8. Implementing the right HR philosophies for your organization – 27 percent impact  
  9. Developing advanced workforce planning capabilities – 28 percent impact
  10. Structured governance and business case development – 39 percent impact

As chief executive and president of Bersin & Associates Josh Bersin puts it, “this research clearly shows that the days of bloated HR organizations focused on administrative tasks are over. Lean, technology-enabled, well-trained HR teams are able to take advantage of modern talent practices and partner with business leaders to drive impact.”

HR operations are evolving to keep up with the modern business world. If your organization’s operations are falling behind, it may have a negative impact on your organization. Keep operations up to date with these proven practices.