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Software company iCIMS describes onboarding as “the initial process of assimilating new hires into an organization,” and includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Preparations for the starting day
  • Introduction to tools used
  • Orientation of the office
  • Meeting the team
  • Evaluating your employees’ onboarding experiences afterward

In order to make sure all of these needs are met, an effective strategy must be put in place—and a strategy is best executed with a thorough checklist. To tell if your onboarding process will warrant the results above, grade it with this checklist:

  1. Does your program start before the new hire’s first day?
  2. Does your new hire know how to use the tools and technologies your company relies on?
  3. Has your new hire been introduced to the rest of the team—even those they may not work with directly?
  4. Does your new hire know where they can get the support and resources they need to complete their jobs when they may be unsure of how to tackle a task?
  5. Does your new hire know what is expected of them?
  6. Do you know what your new hire expects of you?

If your onboarding process passes this checklist, it has a good chance of getting you the results you want and need. Make sure your onboarding process passes the test so your team—new and experienced—can get the best results.