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Earlier this week, we mentioned how important it is to provide regular upkeep on your existing succession plan. But what about the people that are starting a succession plan for the first time, or tossing their original and starting from scratch?

Your worry stops here. Below is a checklist of ideas and tips for creating your ideal succession plan.

  • Knowing why you’re planning ahead makes it easier to make decisions when setting up your plan.
  • Make sure new hires are more and more knowledgeable so it’s practically a guarantee that they’ll bring something new to the table.
  • Collaboration between current and future leaders is more effective than just current leaders making the decisions.
  • Assess internal candidates for potential promotion.
  • A simulation may be a good way to determine how potential leaders will perform before you make your definite decision on who those leaders will be.
  • Onboarding isn’t just for new employees—it’s also for seasoned employees starting a new role.
  • When establishing a succession plan, also establish a training program for the incoming leader.

It’s never too late to start preparations for turnover and succession. Changes in leadership can be jarring on employees. Preparing a succession plan makes that transition easier for manager and employee.