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Over $10,000 each year is wasted on poor employee onboarding. Luckily, experts from several successful organizations have shared employee onboarding methods that yield results instead of wasted funds. Take a look at some of these methods that will help your HR team onboard—and spend—wisely.

  1. Make the first day memorable
  2. Keep a reasonably structured schedule in the early days
  3. Form a cross-departmental onboarding team
  4. Set expectations early and often
  5. Allow new hires to give feedback
  6. Don’t be afraid to assign new hires to large projects

TalentWise tells us that 91 percent of employees stick around for at least one year when organizations offer effective onboarding processes, and 69 percent stick around for at least three years when companies have said onboarding processes.

Use these methods implemented by those organizations with successful onboarding processes as guidelines to perfecting your own process so you can be part of the more positive statistics rather than the negative ones.