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Talexes is proud to announce the availability of our new on-demand webinar, “Today’s Workforce Crisis – Are Millennials the Solution?

The goal of the on-demand webinar is to help managers make the most of their current and future workforce. The webinar discusses how successful organizations develop their workforce strategies, especially when it comes to working with members of the millennial generation.

Headed by Talexes CEO and Founder Joseph Kistner, the on-demand webinar will cover a wide range of pertinent topics, including:

  • Demographic trends of the millennial generation
  • Separating myth from reality when it comes to millennials
  • Behavior and attitude differences of millennials compared to older generations
  • The interests and work preferences of a typical millennial
  • How to recruit, manage and retain a millennial workforce effectively — strategies and tactics for success

Interested participants can access the on-demand webinar from the Resources page of the Talexes website.

To learn more about talent management solutions and employee assessments, call Talexes at 844-825-3947. You can also visit our website to request a free talent audit.