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After concluding the final phases of Beta testing, Talexes is excited for the release of the Talassure360. With this modern tool, Talexes will be able to provide additional developmental assistance to companies trying to improve the talent within their workforce.

The Talassure360 feedback-based development system is intended to assist organizations with leadership development, providing an unbiased, anonymous feedback channel in which leaders are assessed based upon their individual performance. Through the accumulation of input about essential job functions – such as follow-through on promises and ability to prioritize – Talexes will provide a neutral platform through which leadership can develop skills and traits to improve the workplace experience. In providing an anonymous interface, the Talassure360 encourages genuine input from colleagues, subordinates, and superiors alike.

After two years of development and validation testing, Kistner is excited for the opportunity to provide the market with an alternative to the dated products currently available. With the introduction of this newest tool in the Talexes suite, CEO Joe Kistner hopes to provide talent management professionals with a solution that delivers the wealth of information characteristic of 360 products without the cumbersome complexity. “The 360° Feedback tools of today are designed to provide you with as much information as technologically possible. The problem with that is it becomes information overload. It’s referred to as ‘paralysis by analysis’. The Talassure360 is designed to provide managers with sufficient, accurate, easy to understand information without having to jump through hoops, so that they can take the results and immediately use them in their developmental efforts.” Surely with the addition of the Talassure360 to the Talexes suite of talent management solutions, Kistner will be able to accomplish his goal of providing quality workforce management tools to today’s HR professionals.

For a more detailed look at the distinctions between traditional and modern 360° Feedback systems, download our white paper, The 360 Feedback Differentiator.