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What are some of the most common things you hear about millennials? Most people that have been in the workforce for several years claim to hear some of the following pretty often:

  • Millennials are disloyal
  • Millennials won’t work long hours
  • Millennials have a sense of entitlement
  • Millennials are narcissistic

Every generation has some cons to go with the pros, but it seems millennials are often targets for performance and work ethic complaints. Mobile platform CEO Christian Brucculeri reminds us that millennials are truly no different than any other generation—every generation has undesirable employees.

The cofounder and co-CEO of digital marketing agency PMX agrees that “the millennial generation is stunningly similar to every other generation [he’s] led and managed in the past 25 years.”

David Reid, CEO and cofounder of HR benefits platform EaseCentral tells us that it is not millennials that need to be understood, it is the common mentality of every youngest generation that needs to be understood. The youngest generation is always the least experienced and most idealistic, regardless of their title.

The next time you’re experiencing irritation or impatience with a millennial, remember it is not the millennials that are stressing you out—it is any 20-something, regardless whether they are 20-somethings in the 80s, 90s, or 2000s.

Just think—even the greatest, most experienced CEOs were once confused, underprepared young adults!