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Although generation z is fast approaching, it is important to still be aware of millennials. They still dominate a significant amount of the workforce, and should, therefore, dominate a significant amount of employers’ attention. Rather than letting them fall by the wayside, let’s brush up on our gen y statistics so we can stay up to date with one of the largest pieces of our workforce.

Millennials may not have been born into technology, but they adapted to it pretty quickly. Because of this, 57 percent of millennials are quick to run online price comparisons of products, making them more savvy shoppers.

Another relationship between millennials and technology is that they understand its value. 42 percent said they would most likely quit their job if the company has substandard technology.

It’s no secret that millennials introduced the concept of out-of-office working, and it is a trend that hasn’t died yet—64 percent of gen y still insist that they would prefer to occasionally work from home. And 60 percent believe they would be more productive working from home.

In relation to the above topic, millennials highly value flexibility. In fact, 82 percent are willing to offer loyalty for employer flexibility.

It’s no secret that gen y is a uniquely essential generation in the workforce. Being familiar with their preferences, especially those that may change periodically, is vital when it comes to keeping your employees happy. And happy millennials are productive millennials!