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If you read our other blog from this week, then you’ve heard the news: millennials are really no different than other generations. They are likely to respond to the common appreciation methods, with only minor tweaks.

Remember these 3 main points: recognize, personalize, and provide. Let’s look at some details of each:


  1. Behaviors and results
  2. Company values
  3. In real-time
  4. And coach simultaneously
  5. Visibly and widely


  1. The learning experience
  2. The timing of recognition
  3. Rewards and incentives


  1. Feedback
  2. Appreciation
  3. A sense of purpose
  4. Collaboration encouragement
  5. Tech solutions

Other than the decade of their birthday, millennials aren’t all that different when it comes to what they respond positively to. They are, however, good at noticing sincerity. It is imperative to recognize what is important, provide expected resources and coaching, and personalize it so each employee knows you are providing for them specifically.