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Just a few short years ago, everyone was searching for advice on how to attract millennials, fresh out of college. Now it’s a new generation’s turn. Generation Z is up and coming, with more diversity and enthusiasm than ever. These “millennials on steroids,” as some researchers are calling them, have even more to bring to the table.

The three primary factors that influence a generation are age, societal norms, and technology.

When it comes to technology, it’s clear that gen z is unfamiliar with a world that lacks it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Since tech is a regular part of their lives, gen z are better at controlling the content they share to ensure a reasonable level of privacy and tact in their online presence.

Gen Z is also proven to be less restricted than previous generations. While that can have its negative implications, there are some interesting positives as well. Young adults that experience less parental hand-holding as they age are more able to take care of themselves, be independent, and be individualistic.

The one factor where gen z and millennials differ wildly is optimism. Only 12 percent of gen z admitted to feeling optimistic on the direction of the country, whereas other generations were at least at 23 percent. And 71 percent said they see their lives becoming more challenging in the future. While optimism is pleasant to receive from people, having employees that are prepared for tough times and have the strength to endure them is valuable.

Each generation brings with it some strengths and weaknesses. If you had a positive experience with millennials, then you’re sure to have an even better one with gen z.