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You’ve probably read hundreds of articles regarding Millennials by now. So you might be thinking, are Millennials really worth all the effort? In fact, they are—and not just because they are rapidly growing into the majority of the workforce. Before we get into how to manage your Millennials, let’s first look at some reasons why Millennials are worth the effort.

This generation aims to make a worthwhile difference through their workplace efforts; an engaged Millennial is all in and willing to put the work in.

Growing up with Google at their fingertips, Millennials are used to doing a good amount of in-depth research before they make a decision on a product or process. This leads to more informed, deliberated decisions that’ll get things done efficiently.

Millennials believe in human beings rather than human resources or capital. They desire to help employees also think this way.

Now they sound worth it, right? And here’s another plus: only minor, small-scale adjustments are necessary for managing these younger employees. Take a look at these small adjustments and see if their implementation might work for your younger employees.

  1. Look at culture fit particularly when hiring Millennials; they highly value shared organizational values.
  2. Ensure effective onboarding; Millennials are likely to be quickly disengaged without a proper onboarding process.
  3. Be aware that Millennials want to grow and develop—give them the opportunities to do so.
  4. Allow this generation the independence to make their mark through their hard work.
  5. Although Millennials typically prefer self-directed work, occasional collaboration can build engagement when needed.
  6. Be sure that your younger employees can see their contribution to the big picture by connecting it clearly to their roles and responsibilities at hand.

When it comes down to it, Millennials are worth the effort. Focus on assimilating them into your organization to be prepared for the modern—and future—business world.