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As technology continues to grow, leadership training is not immune to its influence. In fact, technology is becoming increasingly more integrated in leadership training methods due to ease-of-access and cost effectiveness. Technology-based training is 90 percent less expensive than traditional classroom-style training. Because leadership training is a constant process, it is logical to take advantage of a form of training that is easily accessible and cost effective. Take a look at these leadership training and development trends to be aware of for today’s leadership training, as well as training for the future.


Also known as mobile learning, it is just as rapidly growing as any mobile trend. The number one benefit of m-learning is the access to information anytime, anywhere. Also, because it is tailored for mobile devices, lessons are condensed into more reasonably time-permitting micro lessons. That means a wealth of leadership training can be easily absorbed on a lunch break or in the doctor’s office waiting room.


Using games and simulations is not only an effective leadership development tactic; it also taps into people’s internal desire for fun, making it a more desirable learning method. Applying games to work-related scenarios allows leaders-in-training to implement their problem-solving skills to develop solutions.

Blended Learning

This combination of virtual learning as well as in-person sessions gives the best of both leadership training styles. This method is ideal for the generations of learners that have been accustomed to in-person learning styles—before technology took over—so they can integrate modern learning styles into their experience, while still receiving the leadership training styles they are used to and comfortable with.

As leadership training practices continue to evolve, so should your methods of implementing that training. Incorporating more modern methods for leadership training will not only help with employee engagement—especially those in younger and upcoming generations—it’ll also show that your organization takes its leadership training seriously by keeping it up-to-date.

Employees that are interested in bettering themselves and progressing in the company will take notice of that—and aren’t those the type of employees you want to attract and maintain?

A reliable way to determine which employees show leadership potential, and which ones need more leadership training, is through Talexes’ leadership assessment. With the help of the TalassureMX, which is designed to identify those qualities that are needed in a leadership role, you can tailor your leadership training accordingly.