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Any team worth its weight develops from strong leadership. About 72 percent of the 191 organizations surveyed in Brandon Hall Group’s Team Development and Performance Study said team performance has an extremely positive impact on overall productivity. And who doesn’t want to increase their organization’s productivity? A recent Gallup study revealed 3 tips for developing a top-performing leadership team, so you can have confidence in your leadership team’s performance.

  1. Promote communication at every level. Your leadership team should take advantage of the convenience of keeping open lines of communication throughout all levels and departments.
  2. Remember that growth leads to growth. Your leadership team should offer learning opportunities, development, and training to their employees to give them a competitive advantage and motivation to perform exceptionally.
  3. Make sure your leadership team can create organization-wide buy-in. If the leadership team can convince your employees of the company vision, you can almost guarantee their involvement and support to help accomplish that vision.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few activities and actions on your part to implement leadership team development for an effective leadership team.