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Leadership training and leadership development are both essential to the growth and success of leadership. However, oftentimes the processes get mixed up, and this confusion leads to ineffective results. It is important to distinguish between the two processes in order to fulfill each one as successfully as possible. Here are some differences between the two, including aspects of each to pay attention to.

  • Leadership training focuses more on the technique and curriculum; leadership development focuses on people.
  • Training focuses on the present; development focuses on the future.
  • Training adheres to standards; development tries to maximize potential.
  • Training’s purpose is maintenance; development’s purpose is growth.
  • Training emphasizes compliance; development emphasizes performance.
  • Training is mechanical; development is intellectual.
  • Training focuses on efficiency; development focuses on effectiveness.
  • Training is finite; development is infinite.

Knowing the difference between leadership training and leadership development can help you solidify your process for each without mixing them up and negatively affecting the results. Keep these differences in mind when you’re setting up your next training program and development program.