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It’s no guarantee that 360 degree feedback is always effective. Some may even argue that it isn’t a good idea for your organization. But don’t throw out their opinion just yet—they may not be wrong. In fact, if 360 degree feedback isn’t administered correctly, it can be more detrimental to your organization than not doing any feedback process at all; the cost and time involved, plus faulty feedback, are the last thing your organization needs.

In order to avoid those setbacks, and ultimately benefit from 360 degree feedback, consider these methods that make the difference between effective and ineffective feedback processes.

  • The correct starting point involves measuring the right skills, and knowing and referencing those skills that affect that leadership role based on the type of company.
  • Both the givers and recipients of the feedback should be briefed on the importance of the process and how the results are going to be implemented.
  • Those providing the feedback need assurance that their identity will remain confidential so that they do not hesitate to provide honest thorough feedback
  • The feedback process should not exceed an unreasonable amount of time in order to avoid survey fatigue.
  • The feedback should focus more on heightening strengths rather than uncovering weaknesses; although, if a weakness does arise, that person is now aware of and can address it.
  • Results should be tailored to each individual based on their position—not every job position requires the same traits.
  • The data should be shared in a way that is constructive for the individual—they should be able to form a development plan with the help of the results.

“For a GPS system to get an accurate picture of your location, it requires four different satellites. For leaders to get an accurate picture of their own effectiveness, they need feedback from their manager, peers, direct reports, and others in the organization.”

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