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In 2014, employee development was listed as a top priority more than any other area by the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Great Places to Work.  This makes sense, considering on-the-job employee development accounts for up to 75 percent of effective learning. Take a look at these 14 methods for employee development so your organization is effectively nurturing your biggest effective learning tactic.

  1. Stretch assignments and projects across departments.
  2. Help employees move laterally within the company.
  3. Offer mentoring and coaching programs.
  4. Encourage job shadowing.
  5. Job enrichment through employee recognition and retention strategies.
  6. Promotion to new roles develops skills and increases motivation.
  7. Allow your team to rotate through multiple positions
  8. Ignite managers’ passion to motivate their employees.
  9. Build trust in your organizational leadership.
  10. Don’t forget learning opportunities for remote workers.
  11. Keep in mind how quickly development needs and skills change.
  12. Provide flexible learning options.
  13. Coordinate learning styles to adequately work for each type of learner.
  14. Teach employees to embrace their career development.

Employee development is crucial for keeping your organization and employees running smoothly. Try implementing these 14 methods in your employee development program.

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