Talent Connection Blog

In today’s workforce, corporations and startups alike are fighting to acquire and keep talent. So how are some companies finding and keeping talent? Here are a few things that seem to work, courtesy of inc.com.

  1. Look in the right places. Keep job availability postings on sites and locations that positively reflect your organization in order to attract the right types of candidates.
  2. Look beyond the resume. Although experience is important, personality, goals, and capacity for growth are equally necessary attributes.
  3. Offer more than the minimum. Candidates that have the level of talent you seek are interested in personal and professional development opportunities. Instead of just offering the opportunity to work from home, offer tools that will help your employees successfully work remotely.
  4. Reward great work. Once you have the talent you are looking for, remember to show appreciation and recognition so your employees know their efforts are not in vain.

The talent you seek is out there. You just need to attract and maintain it within your organization. By keeping an eye out for highly talented individuals and offering opportunities that will attract those individuals, your organization can soon consist of a team of talented employees.