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Many experts estimate that the cost of a bad hire exceeds the annual salary of that position. It would be in your company’s best interest to hone your hiring manager’s interviewing skills, so you can interview and hire effectively the first time.

The first step in the interview process is to know what you’re looking for. Galaxy Management Group president Jim Sullivan states, “It is important that everyone on the team is on the same page with what the objective is and what the job entails,” otherwise the questions asked will not be in line with the position requirements. The candidate should also be thoroughly informed of the requirements and expectations ahead of time.

Speaking of questions, it’s important that you ask the right ones. Interview questions can be divided into 4 general categories:

  1. Fact-based. “How long did you work for your previous company?”
  2. “If you witnessed someone stealing from the company, how would you handle that situation?”
  3. Stress/on-the-spot. “Why should we hire you over someone else?”
  4. “What process do you use when making important decisions?”

Balance these types of questions in a way that suits the role you are trying to fill.

Once you have your questions planned, create a structure for your interview. Open up with introductions and small talk so that you get comfortable with each other. Then present your well-thought questions and obtain necessary information. Finish by telling the candidate the next steps in the process and make plans to follow up with them. Don’t leave them hanging without a follow up! It can make your entire organization look bad not only to the interviewee, but also to everyone they are sure to complain to about your lack of communication.

The interview process is equally important for both employer and potential employee. Be prepared to conduct the most effective interview so you can hire right the first time.

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