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Employment testing is an exceptional way to determine the quality of new hires, as well as current employees. With that said, there are a number of employee assessments offered worldwide. Here’s a list of factors to consider when choosing an employment assessment for your organization:

  1. Test development information – Is there documented research backing the test? What target audience was the test designed for? Is it relevant to your audience?
  2. Reliability – You should take the test yourself before obtaining it for your organization. Are the results consistent throughout?
  3. Validity – Are the test results an accurate reflection of yourself? For example, if you are more technically proficient instead of creative, your test scores should reflect that. If they don’t, you may want to double check the validity. The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing outlines factors used to determine employment testing validity.
  4. Test bias – just like anything in the workplace, factors such as race, sex, religion, and political affiliation should not affect test results.
  5. Data for interpretation – A test score alone cannot be accurately interpreted. Scores should be compared to a distribution of scores in a related group. The test or test provider should include a distribution or range of acceptable scores for that industry.
  6. Ongoing refinement of the test – When was this test created or last updated? Tests should be updated for changes in terminology, vocabulary, industry changes, and generational differences.
  7. Credentials and experience – Some tests require certain qualifications to administer tests and read the results. Unless you have the resources and time to acquire someone that is qualified to do so, it is much more efficient to choose an employment test that can be administered easily, with results that everyone can interpret.

The employment testing process is highly effective when implemented correctly. Make sure you pick the right test for your organization and do adequate research on it, so you can rest assured that your assessment processes are precise and effective.

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