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Take a minute to reflect on your workplace and consider these 3 issues facing workplaces today:

  • A lack of “workplace vitality” –a phrase developed by Mars Drinks, meaning the overall collaboration, engagement, well-being, and productivity of an organization.
  • Staff burnout due to poor technology—tech-savvy employees, especially younger ones, highly value the necessary software and technology tools to get the job done.
  • A lack of employee recognition – one in five employees said they would rather receive a promotion to a higher title without a pay raise over a pay raise without a new title; one third said they would prefer public recognition of accomplishments over a private bonus for them.

Do any of these sound like something that may be going on in your workplace? These aren’t the only reasons for employee turnover; a 2016 CEB report found 5 more major employee turnover causes that you should also be looking out for:

  1. Future career opportunities (42 percent)
  2. Compensation (36 percent)
  3. People management (35 percent)
  4. Development opportunities (31 percent)
  5. Recognition (29 percent)

Whether your organization has any of these problems or not, there are still some proactive measures you can take to reduce the chances of employee turnover.

Providing opportunities is an effective antidote to the unhappiness felt by 70 percent of the workforce—the number of people admittedly unhappy with future career opportunities at their current organization, according to the CEB report.

Open communication helps employees stay focused and secure in their position. A Clutch HR survey states that the best way to appeal to millennial employees is with consistent, accurate, and immediate feedback.

These are just a few ideas for combatting the employee turnover bug. Now that you have a better understanding of the common causes of employee turnover, you can take the necessary steps to keep your organization a desirable place to work.

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