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Does your organization have any new year’s resolutions lined up to achieve in 2017? Employees and job seekers probably do: to obtain and maintain a comfortable, stable job—especially all those new, qualified winter college grads! Unfortunately, one third of new hires quit their job after about 6 months (despite the strength of their new year’s resolutions).

With that said, here’s a new year’s resolution idea for your organization, or one to add to the list if you already have some: improving employee retention throughout your organization. The Wall Street Journal online and Forbes online have a few employee retention strategies to try in 2017.

Employee Retention Strategies

  • Hire selectively—Talexes has just the tools you need for this step!
  • Offer a competitive benefits package salary.
  • Provide a comfortable work environment and culture.
  • Offer training opportunities.
  • Listen to your team.
  • Provide quarterly reviews.
  • Recognize team members’ accomplishments.
  • Provide small perks—free bagels in the break room can brighten anyone’s workday.
  • Use contests and incentives to keep workers motivated and feeling rewarded.
  • Conduct “stay” interviews—instead of the “why are you leaving us” question in exit interviews, poll your team with “what has you sticking around with us” questions.
  • Promote from within whenever possible.
  • Foster employee development—besides training opportunities, there are other ways to promote development, such as tuition reimbursement to encourage further education.
  • Create open communication lines between employees and management.
  • Communicate and promote your business’ mission.
  • Make sure employees know what is expected of them.
  • Hire an HR professional to streamline your employee structure and processes.

When you start to see improvements in your employee retention levels, it’ll be a win-win: you fulfilled an organizational goal, while simultaneously helping those job seekers and employees fulfill their goals as well!
Having a thorough understanding of your team members will help you connect with them and know how to keep them satisfied and productive.

You can get that thorough understanding by implementing one—or all—of Talexes’ employee assessments: TalassureQ for your entry level workers, TalassureMX for those in management roles, and TalassureM for everyone in between. Check them out today!

And for more help with retaining employees, visit our Employee Retention page!