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Research shows that feeling appreciated is one of the top three drivers of employee engagement. Feeling appreciated comes from recognition from others—in the workplace, it is recognition from your team and especially your team leader. Since 69 percent of employees work harder when they feel appreciated, it’s time to show some employee appreciation! Here are a dozen simple, effective methods for showing your employees appreciation in your organization.

How to show appreciation

  1. A simple sincere word of thanks can go a long way
  2. Giving a thank you note or posting it on their office door
  3. Mention them in a department-wide or company-wide email
  4. Offer a long lunch break, an extra break during the day, or comp time
  5. Recognize them at staff meetings
  6. Invite them to a one-on-one lunch meeting with you
  7. Feature them in the company newsletter
  8. Implement casual Fridays
  9. Have a Bring Your Child to Work Day—or Bring Your Pet to Work Day
  10. Arrange for top performers to attend functions or conferences related to your industry
  11. Organizing a business related retreat
  12. Make or buy a crafty gift—don’t be afraid to get quirky, like a “My boss thinks I’m great” coffee mug!

More than half of employees surveyed claim that they would quit working if their company environment didn’t make them feel appreciated. Don’t let your organization lose quality workers due to a lack of appreciation.

People often underestimate how much they are appreciated. Make sure your employees understand how much they are appreciated.

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