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Although it is often a forgotten responsibility of organizational leaders, employee development plans are an underlying necessity for harmony and success in the workplace. By greatly reducing turnover, thereby reducing the need for hiring processes, having an effective employee development program in place is an easy way to ease the strain of hiring processes. Here’s why:

  1. It will attract and keep great employees.

No one needs the monetary and time consuming burden of employee retention and hiring processes. A stable employee development program can lighten that burden. Here are some reasons why a stable employee development program matters when it comes to attracting and hiring great employees.

  • It increases your reputation. Word easily gets around about who is good to work for and who isn’t. If you’re on the positive end of that spectrum, it can have positive effects on your hiring process.
  • It brings in good people. The type of people that will be attracted by the offer of things such as training, continuing education, and conference attendance are the type of people that are looking to better themselves. Those are the type of people you want to hire.
  • It is a benefit. Hourly employees often miss out on most employee benefits. Employee development programs are considered an employee benefit; implement one of those and you’ll even have happily rewarded hourly employees.
  • It builds loyalty. Employees that know their employer will do what it takes to keep them trained and ready to progress are loyal employees. And loyal employees aren’t prone to quitting. 
  1. It will help create promotable employees.

In an ideal world, an effective employee development program prepares your employees for moving up within the organization. A proper employee development program should be able to:

  • Create a pool of capable workers
  • Prepare workers for promotion
  • Help identify strengths and weaknesses in employees

Employee turnover and dissatisfaction is alarmingly common in the modern workplace. Constantly work on the betterment of your employees to show them they are worth developing, and they will return the favor by being engaged and being promoted from within.