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Did you know that 65 percent of your workforce is looking for a new job? TLNT.com asked customers and readers of their workplace blog three questions:

  1. Do you hate your job?
  2. If so, why?
  3. And, are you looking for a new job?

A shocking 65 percent of respondents claimed that they were actively searching for a new job. The respondents were then asked why there is such a high employee turnover rate. The top three responses, in order, were as follows:

  1. Bad leadership
  2. Organizational problems
  3. Toxic work environment and lack of organizational direction

These responses show that organizations are not achieving success through their people. And with the average cost of replacing an employee at 1.5 times their annual salary (calculate your employee turnover cost), organizations really can’t afford not to optimize their people for success. Consider these 3 tactics for ensuring the happiness of your biggest asset—your people.

Be straight with them. Employees seek leadership, and you have to give it to them. Share your goals and ideas with your team and lead them to success.

Recognize accomplishments. Employee recognition is imperative to high retention. But remember, not all employees prefer the same type of recognition.

Create a culture of trust. Distrust in an organization can occur for many reasons—when employees lack trust in leadership, when communication is not clear, and even when employees or leaders participate in unethical practices. Make sure your employees have no reason to instill distrust within your organization.

Employee turnover is prevalent in organizations today. With this awareness, you can now attempt to drive engagement within your organization. With employee engagement comes employee performance and employee retention. All these things combined lay the foundation for a workplace with highly motivated and engaged employees.