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In a group of surveyed employees, 53 percent find employee evaluations to be a waste of time, claiming that they don’t motivate them to work harder. Maybe it’s time to rethink how to implement employee evaluations. Anthony Vigneron, founder of 2020 IT Leader, suggests some effective questions to ask that can revamp your employee evaluation process.

  • What’s one thing you can do to be more effective at [blank]?
  • What’s one key strength you think you should leverage more in your role?
  • What’s one thing I can do to help us be more effective in reaching our goals?
  • What’s one thing you liked and one thing you thought could be improved about [blank]?
  • What’s one thing I can do to better support you in your role?
  • Name one thing we can do to make our meetings more efficient.
  • What’s the one thing you like most about your job? What’s the one thing you like least about it?

These questions encourage feedback, thereby creating a two-way dialog. This is vital; 40 percent of employees dislike employee evaluations mostly because they seem to be too one-sided.

Ineffective evaluations warrant 3 common emotions: frustration, anxiety, and boredom. Don’t let your employee evaluations be a negative experience. Ask questions that’ll change your evaluation process from being at employees to being with employees.

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