Talent Connection Blog

In the business sense, the word “talent” refers to a natural ability to excel at a duty or action. Talent is what keeps an employee thriving and, in return, keeps a business thriving. One of the best ways to optimize and maintain talent is through talent development programs. There are some key elements that can be implemented for the ideal talent development program. They include:

A focus on talent rather than skill – The key difference between talent and skill is that talents are natural, while skills are developed from honing a craft. Someone may have impressive skills, but lack talent. But in this case, talent is more necessary than skill.

Clearly defined responsibility – Who is in charge of this talent development program? What is expected of staff members within the program? A sense of responsibility encourages participation and forward progress from staff members.

Real training – Offering work opportunities for growth and improvement keeps employees engaged in the talent development process. It also provides coaching and direction to your team.

Time and priority – Nothing worth its weight comes quickly and easily, talent included. Being aware of and prepared for the amount of time and effort needed is a major component of the talent development process.

A culture of talent development – Employees are more likely to mirror whatever company culture is influencing them. It is the responsibility of those in leadership roles to foster a company culture of talent development.

For those in management roles, creating a company culture that promotes talent development is easily achievable with a few steps:

  1. Act as a role model that displays a desire to learn and progress
  2. Reinforce the value of learning
  3. Build sustainable processes to support development
  4. Reinforce shared values so employees can understand why their efforts are important
  5. Leverage problems as opportunities for real-world learning and development

Talent development is a vital step in any organization. Talexes employee assessments can help you identify the talent you have—as well as the talent you need—so you can start the process of developing your organization’s talent effectively. Visit us today!