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Employees look to their superiors for feedback on their performance. Inc.com has provided 9 phrases that allow for constructive criticism to create a culture of team development. 

“Employee X has led to a major increase in Department X’s success because of…”

This phrase not only indicates growth, it also identifies a cause and effect relationship between work efforts. Acknowledging the practices that work will encourage employees to continue these effective practices.

“In the past year, Employee X has mastered skill x by consistently…”

Taking notice of their improved skills will encourage employees to continue developing them.

“I see Employee X performing at a substandard level for task x, and I’d like him/her to…”

This phrase has a dual purpose—it identifies an area that an employee should improve, and provides ideas on how to do so. Rather than just highlighting the negative, you are demonstrating the value you see in this employee by giving them opportunities for improvement.

“Employee X doesn’t rely on common methods to…”

Creativity can be valuable in any business; highlighting this creativity is equally valuable.

“I’d like to see Employee X spend more time working on…”

Actionable advice is the best way to communicate an improvement in performance.

“I’m impressed by Employee X’s ability to…”

Abilities and skills should be the focus of employee evaluations, rather than personality traits. Highlight the positive abilities of every employee during employee evaluation sessions.

“Employee X often resists task x and is struggling to…”

This type of language illustrates employees’ problems as struggles rather than failures. Struggles are much easier to correct than failures.

“Employee X’s follow-through could improve within…”

This is another phrase that, rather than just pointing out flaws, provides solutions to improve those flaws.

“Employee X’s high standards are illustrated within…”

Making note of and acknowledging a standout quality will show that you appreciate the consistent, reliable behavior, and will encourage that behavior to continue.

Constructive communication is the best way to facilitate team development and improvement. Provide your team with useful info during your employee evaluations to improve team development and your employee evaluation process.

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