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We all know the commonplace definition of an entrepreneur is one who starts his/her own business, but what about the character traits behind those who become successful entrepreneurs? You’re in luck—20 entrepreneurs share what they think makes a successful entrepreneur.

One popular trait shared by many entrepreneurs is the desire to blaze new trails and make things better [in your field]. CEOs Derek Hutson and Debbie Roxarzade, of Datical and Rachel’s Kitchen respectively, both insist that the drive to make anew is at the core of a fruitful entrepreneur.  

Similarly, Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab executive Bruce Bachenheimer and TrueFacet CEO Tirath Kamdar believe a strong vision for solving problems and creating value are necessary for effective entrepreneurship.

Resourcefulness and a bravery to strike out on your own are important aspects as well, according to Amanda Austin—founder and president of Little Shop of Miniatures—and Vip Sandhir—CEO of HighGround.

Founder of Brandlective Communications Stacey Kehoe and Indra Public Relations CEO MJ Pedone agree that the tenacity to commit and persevere is a must.

Other insightful suggestions include seeing opportunity everywhere (Preeti Sriratana, Sweeten COO), take calculated risks (Eileen Huntington, Huntington Learning Center CEO), and possess grit (Mike Malone, Livestock Framing founder).

Entrepreneurship is a unique and highly rewarding career path to follow. If you have the desire to pursue it, allow some time for self-reflection to make sure you have what it takes to be successful in your endeavors.