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Training and development combined are the gears that keep your employees moving properly and efficiently. It is in any organization’s best interest to invest the necessary time, money, and effort into preparing and implementing a training and development process. Here are some mechanisms that make your process run like a well-oiled machine.

First, it is imperative that management is aware of what they are responsible for bringing to the table. That includes:

  • Providing a well-crafted job description
  • Be aware of the knowledge, skills, and abilities the organization requires for success
  • Explain the employee development process thoroughly
  • Look for and provide learning opportunities

While the managers are focusing on that, the employees should be doing the following:

  • Pursuing learning opportunities in everyday activities
  • Identifying their own personal goals for development

There are several aspects that’ll help your training and development plan run smoothly. The most important ones are:

  • Goals of the program are clear
  • Employees are involved and participating
  • Practical approaches are used
  • New material connects to previously introduced material
  • Employees are given an opportunity to practice what they are learning in a realistic setting
  • The environment is supportive
  • The whole process promotes self-esteem


Each employee is one part of a whole machine, and each one of those parts needs to be trained and developed so they can fully contribute to the whole healthy machine.