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There are a number of ways to approach the task of job searching. Some require more time and effort than others, but not all of them are effective enough to pursue. These job search methods should be avoided so you can focus your time on ways that will really land you the job you deserve.

Searching for job postings on the Internet. This may seem like the most effective method, but you’d be surprised to know that this route works only about 4% of the time. Even jobs that are related to technology—IT, engineering, etc.—only raise this percentage to 10.

Enlisting the help of an employment agency. This method has the potential to be effective 28% of the time. Although it is much higher than most of the other methods listed here, you still have a 72% chance of being disappointed.

Answering newspaper ads. The effectiveness of this option varies drastically. Searchers looking for low-level salary jobs found that it works about 24% of the time, while those seeking high salary found it only works about 5% of the time.

Sending out your resume to employers. This effort only warrants a 7% chance of getting you an interview that may lead to a job.

Knocking on an employer’s door. This method tends to work about 47% of the time—much higher than some of the others listed. However, it is more likely to work with small employers rather than larger corporations.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on dead-end job-hunting pathways. When in doubt, just remember: you have virtually an almost 7 times better chance by getting out there in person.