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The employment lifecycle refers to the steps employees go through during their time with an organization. HR management of the employee lifecycle can be categorized into 4 activities:

  1. Employee recruitment
  2. Employee onboarding
  3. Employee development
  4. Employee departure

Employee Recruitment

The employee lifecycle begins with HR considerations from the initial search for potential candidates.

Employee Onboarding

Various trainings and orientations are meant to facilitate new hires in their awareness and comfort with their new role in an organization.

Employee Development

The employee development process consists of helping employees acquire new or advanced skills, knowledge, and viewpoints in order to optimize their talent within their organizational role.

Employee Departure

Whatever the reason may be, there comes a time in some employees’ lives when they must depart from their current organization. Ideally, their departure should be a swift and pleasant process.

Every employee in an organization goes through the employee lifecycle. Be sure your HR department is equipped to handle and facilitate each stage of the lifecycle effectively in order to ensure your employees’ satisfaction and success.

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