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There are multiple types of hiring assessments and several reasons why a company might want to employ them in the hiring process. Hiring assessments can be used to test an applicant’s skills, accelerate the hiring process, and increase the quality of interviews.

Your reasons for deciding to use assessments as part of your hiring process will affect what type of assessments you use.

Assessment types include job knowledge tests, integrity tests, cognitive ability tests, personality tests, emotional intelligence tests, or skills and physical abilities tests.

Each type of assessment will provide different information about your candidate; that’s why it is important to select the right assessment based on what sort of information you are trying to gather. It is necessary to understand the role you are trying to fill in order to identify what assessment results will actually be pertinent. No matter what role you are looking to fill, the most value will be found in implementing pre-employment assessments.

While there are assessments that can be administered after an employee has been hired or even after they’ve been working at the company for some time, the most benefit will be had by beginning the use of assessments in the pre-hiring stage. These types of tests can help quantify an employee’s potential for success or the cultural fit and identify the possible effects those factors may have on a candidate’s performance before a job offer is ever extended.

Pre-employment assessments allow you to make successful hires based on understanding the most important traits for an open role, ensuring that chosen candidates are a strong job fit, and increasing the likelihood the chosen candidates will be satisfied in their role. This type of hiring works to build a high-performance culture of employees who succeed in their roles and contribute to a positive work environment because they are experiencing job satisfaction.

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