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Executive coaching can meet a variety of needs in the workplace. Some executive coaches are meant to push you to find your own way, while others focus more on constructive feedback and offering ideas for solving issues. Ideally, you would want someone that is good at both. To find someone who can do both for your organization, use these questions to help you, courtesy of Entrepreneur.com.

  1. What areas am I seeking coaching support in? You can’t find the right solution for executive coaching until you know what you’re looking for. Once you, and your organization, are clear on what is needed, the search will become much easier and more efficient.
  2. What will my contract with my coach include? Every deal is more definite with a signed document. Be sure yours includes the following:
    • Timelines that work for your team
    • A non-disclosure agreement
    • Reviews of progress compared to objectives
  1. Does my coach have relevant experience? Although the number of years of experience matters, it does not matter as much as the depth of experience.
  2. What results have they achieved? Choose a coach that can back their methods with evidence of past results.
  3. Are they interested in my business sector? As obvious as it may seem, this aspect is still worth reminding. Be sure they have a basic understanding of your industry, as well as an interest in it.
  4. Do we have chemistry? You need to be comfortable and compatible with your coach for them to be effective. That first one-on-one meeting you have with a potential coach, or “chemistry session,” should help you determine your compatibility with your executive coach.

On the coach’s side, they have the responsibility of forging that trusting bond so that the executive coaching program is based on trust. Once that is secured, a true partnership can be achieved; therefore, a rewarding executive coaching program is achieved.

If you’re looking for more coaching assistance for your organization, Talexes can help. Contact us today to find out how!