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An executive in any organization must develop certain skills to be effective. But there’s more to it than that—along with the skills, there are also ways executives should act that’ll perfect their executive development processes. Executive development starts with these methods, backed by fellow executives that have found success in them.

Arriving early to work – Co-founder and CFO of Pip Tompkin Studio, Shannon Hematian, agrees that arriving to work before your employees not only creates a culture of work ethic, but it also allows you to greet your employees when they arrive. Hematian believes a welcoming work environment “increases satisfaction and longevity among employees, and contributes to a productive work environment.”

Flexibility with working from home – “Prioritize people over place,” says Mark Gilbreath, founder and CEO of LiquidSpace. It is more important to hire quality people and give them the freedom to work where they work best.

Investing in your employees – Happy and engaged employees are the best employees. Therefore, it is necessary to create “a vibrant company culture where people are motivated, and where collaboration is fostered and healthy lifestyles are encouraged,” as Nautilus CEO Bruce Cazenave states.

Be a teacher – While it may have been sufficient in the past to just tell someone to do something, that isn’t the case anymore. As millennials become more frequent, so will your need to teach your team what to do rather than just tell them. Not only that, but it is also important to “share information and the reasoning behind your vision, and allow input from your team,” says Elliot Fread, president and founder of BIMMY’S.

Having an open-door policy – Founder and CEO of Interact, Lou Solomon, states that being more approachable can make others “more willing to share their ideas, and be creative and productive.”

Hiring the right people – An organization is only as good as its employees. Dynam Consulting’s president and CEO Theresa Ashby states that “a great boss hires the right people,” and that those people “must be a fit for the organization and department teams.” An ideal solution for hiring the right people is Talexes’ employee assessments.

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